swimmer doing butterfly


We create self-aware, performance-ready athletes.



Mental skills training is all about systematically changing habits and using mental skills and strategies to reach the next level of human performance. Your brain is the most important muscle in your body; to use it effectively, you must regularly exercise it! We support this by first helping athletes and teams to understand who they are and how they tick, then by teaching relevant mental skills for them to practice and apply in order to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of their sport performance.


We specialize in working with competitive youth swimmers (ages 11-18), teenage and adult runners (ages 15+), and adult triathletes while also supporting a variety of other sports


  • Individual mental skills training
  • Coach professional development
  • Team mental skills workshops
  • Team practice integrations
  • Mental fitness courses
  • Team building events
  • Competition support


  • Understand self as an athlete
  • Show confidence
  • Control thoughts and emotions
  • Mentally prepare for competition
  • Manage nerves before competition
  • Handle bad performances and learn from failure
  • Demonstrate mental toughness
  • Team cohesion and effective communication