in·trep·id (adjective): Having firm determination; characterized by bold fearlessness and unwavering endurance; having mental and emotional strength to face pain and adversity.

man sweating while lifting weights

Intrepid Performance is an Atlanta-based consulting team that trains athletes on mental skills and human performance concepts to help them improve performance and achieve their version of success. 


We accomplish this by building relationships, understanding our clients' goals, and developing an evidence-based plan to improve performance. 


Through online one-on-one sessions and in-person team workshops, we foster mental skill development and minimize ineffective habits. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to become more self-aware, gain an understanding of what techniques and strategies to apply when, and have the confidence to develop their own strategies for future use in sport, school, work, and life. 


The reality is, we all have gaps. Gaps between where we currently are and where we want to be. Our mission is to help athletes close those gaps by:

  • Teaching relevant mental skills based on theory and research in human performance fields;
  • Instructing athletes on how, when, and why to apply new knowledge and skills; and
  • Empowering athletes to take action, evaluate their progress, and adjust as needed.