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Abby and John were great to work with. Both did an excellent job of instructing our team on the principles of team building, communication, attention, and focus. They instantly earned the respect of our players by being knowledgeable and professional. They used creative methods to make points and I know our team will continue to benefit from their lessons.

John Boezi

General Manager - Atlanta Hustle

Abby worked with my twelve year old daughter who suffered a disabling eye injury during soccer. Abby was instantly likable and personable. My daughter felt very comfortable talking to her and was able to overcome anxiety and confidence issues she had been experiencing on the field due to her injury. This training was a great experience and I would recommend her services to everyone! Thank you Abby!

Sherrie McGill

Intrepid Performance Consulting is an amazing tool for athletes! I am the parent of track & field high schooler and future Olympian! My daughter worked with Abby during her sophomore season and despite experiencing a normally season halting injury, my daughter was able to mentally bounce back and finish the season successfully! It goes without saying that I am a very satisfied customer!

Kareema Abdul-Barr

We are a young business with a growing staff and this training was exactly what we needed to get ourselves on the right track. Abby was amazing! Each month she came in prepared to have us really dig deep into how our team can and should work together to accomplish our goals. After our meetings, Abby was great with a follow up email that outlined our discussion. She was always quick to respond to questions and without a doubt, we wouldn't be where we are today without Abby's guidance and assistance.

Ashley Matta

Owner - Athletes' Potential

I had the opportunity to work with Intrepid Performance Consulting this past summer. The team was extremely helpful, caring, and motivating. Initially, I was only able to run about a quarter mile prior to exhaustion, however, with this team and the Couch to 5K program, I was able to complete a 5K successfully running entirely. I highly recommend this consulting group to help anyone achieve their goals.

Chantal Smith

Working with Intrepid Performance changed my running career forever. John analyzed my entire running perspective and took note of my exact strengths and weaknesses both mentally and physically. We broke down every one of my mental weaknesses to the core and he gave me strategies to prepare for races, use during races, and even during workouts. As my coach, John designed a workout plan that best met my skill level and ensured maximum potential when it came to racing. He kept track of everything and knew exactly what to do in the event of me having a sick day or family emergency. All in all, I highly recommend Intrepid Performance if you are looking for that next step in improving your athletic career. They are extremely knowledgeable people with a passion for what they do.

Will Pursell