Our Values


We all want to be heard and understood. Our mental performance coaches listen actively, are curious – not judgmental, and genuinely want to understand your experience in order to determine how to support you effectively. Your story matters – you matter.



With athletes and sport parents, we believe in working together to build mental skills, achieve goals, enhance well-being, and improve performance. We engage our referral network in order to help you get to the right place if we’re not a good fit or to expand your professional support team as you pursue your goals.



We consistently show up prepared to deliver high-quality services that make a positive and lasting impact on our clients. To do so, we commit to ongoing learning and professional development as well as making decisions based on quality over quantity – which allows us to build a professional relationship with you and take an individualized approach to mental skills coaching



It is important to us that we serve others with integrity and provide excellent customer service to our clients and prospective clients. Additionally, our mental performance coaches are active members of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology in an effort to grow as professionals and contribute to the advancement of the field.  



We realize that supporting others as they strive for greatness means it’s critical to take care of ourselves in order to show up and be present in our work. We do this by setting boundaries, getting enough physical and mental rest, and doing things that bring us joy – and we invite you to do the same!