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Mental Skills Coaching

We know masters athletes.

You've made the choice to be an athlete - you're putting in the effort and the time. You're navigating your training around the rest of your life. You've signed up for your next race (or two), and you're getting ready.


But, you notice that something is missing.


We know that being an athlete while balancing work, family life, and other responsibilities can be challenging. It can also be one of the most rewarding things you do. We can help you get the most out of your athletic pursuits.


For over 12 years, we've helped athletes learn valuable, action-oriented mental skills and apply them to their sport, work, and other parts of their lives.


Masters athletes often come to us with doubts, nerves, and stress. They want to understand why their mind is all over the place. They feel anxious about their upcoming race, wondering if they are doing the right things to prepare. They may have attempted their goal race and ended up with a DNF. They have tried a few mental tips and tricks that they've heard about, but nothing seems to stick. 


Through working with us, masters athletes learn to understand themselves and take care of themselves. They gain skills to mentally prepare for training and racing, focus on what's important, and enjoy the process. They perform better


Let's work together to make the sacrifice worthwhile.

One-on-one sessions help you to cut through the noise and offer coaching that is personalized to you - your sport, experiences, challenges, and goals. 


To ensure that we're a good fit before beginning sessions, we want to take time to connect with you. If we agree that we'd like to work together, we'll share a mental coaching plan for you to review, including information on our packages, pricing, and steps to get started. All of our sessions are online via Zoom.


Our highest performing clients leverage our expertise for 10 sessions over a few months, up to 30 sessions over a few years. Our goal is not to meet with you forever, but to teach and empower you to apply mental skills on your own. 

Who is a good fit?

We specialize in supporting masters athletes who are:

  • ages 35-65
  • runners and triathletes, from 5ks to marathons and sprint triathlons to IRONMAN races
  • training and competing, with an upcoming race on the horizon 
  • curious about and open to making improvements in their life
  • motivated to invest time into practicing and applying mental skills 

Meet our Mental Performance Coach

Abby Keenan is a former competitive swimmer turned runner who loves supporting adult athletes. She gets the juggle, as she lives it - navigating a career, a family, and a fitness routine. Abby firmly believes we're all just doing the best that we can - and sometimes we need a little guidance to reach our goals and perform better. She helps masters athletes build mental skills, and also creates a safe, non-judgmental space for them to share and make sense of their athletic experiences.


Abby has been a Mental Performance Coach for athletes since 2011, and also has experience supporting soldiers as a cognitive performance coach for US Army Special Operations at Fort Bragg. She has a master's degree in educational and sport psychology, has been a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology since 2015, is actively involved in the field of sport and performance psychology, and is a CMPC Mentor for graduate students and early professionals.