Get curious. Train smart. Be intrepid.

Our one-on-one coaching and in-person and online trainings help high-achieving athletes to step into their authentic selves, perform better, and reach their goals. 


One-on-one, online mental skills coaching for student-athletes in high school or college.

Masters Athletes

One-on-one, online mental skills coaching for masters athletes, specifically runners and triathletes.

Teams and Groups

Interactive webinars and in-person workshops for sports teams and a variety of groups.

Let's unpack what we're all about.

Who are you as an athlete and a person? We all have strengths and areas of opportunity, values, beliefs, motivations, and goals. We believe that whether or not you grow and achieve your version of success starts with building self-awareness and harnessing curiosity. We guide athletes to explore how they think, feel, and act in their sport and beyond to discover what's working and what's not. You can't change yourself until you know yourself. Get curious.

How intentional are you with your training? Much like the physical, technical, and tactical parts of your sport, your mentality is something to develop with customized strategies, thoughtful practice, and consistent effort - it doesn't happen by chance or by running yourself into the ground. We empower our clients with evidence-informed tools to apply mental skills to their sport and beyond. Oh, and we're big believers in things like sleep and psychological rest to help you disconnect and recharge on your journey. Train smart.

What does intrepid look like? It's uncomfortable to learn new things and grow - and that's often how you know it's working. Embracing the intrepid mindset means you decide to lean in to what's hard or not going well in your sport and ask for help - rather than ignore it, be afraid of it, or let it define you. You're open to and invested in the process of learning new skills and trying on new perspectives. You leverage what you learn to endure and excel through your sport challenges until you find strength, success, and joy. Be intrepid.

Abby Keenan, MS, CMPC

A certified mental performance consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology with a master's degree in educational and sport psychology, Abby has worked with thousands of athletes, soldiers, and youth and adult leaders since 2011. 


While swimming in high school and college, Abby realized the role that the mind plays in how well you perform and how much you enjoy your sport, and how challenging it can be when your mind-body connection feels off. She's on a mission to help athletes have a more fulfilling sport experience than she did.


A leader in her field with a passion for professional development, Abby has chaired committees, written book chapters, engaged in the certification exam development process, mentored graduate students, frequently presents at conferences, and recently co-created Project E.


Abby is a developer at heart - she loves connecting theory, research, her eclectic professional experience, and facilitation strategies when supporting clients in order to make a lasting impact.

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