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Who are you as an athlete and a person? We all have strengths and areas of opportunity, values, beliefs, personality traits, and motivations. Whether or not you grow and pursue your potential comes down to curiosity and building self-awareness. Explore how you think, feel, and act in and out of your sport to discover effective and ineffective patterns. You can't change yourself until you know yourself.


How hard are you willing to work? The bottom line is: nothing works unless you do. Much like the physical, technical, and tactical aspects of your sport, the mental component also requires customized strategies, purposeful practice, and consistent effort. Mental toughness doesn't just happen. Athletes build mental skills and resilience by choosing to engage in purposeful trial and error while trusting the process.


What does Intrepid look like? Change is hard, and maintaining change is harder. Having an Intrepid mindset is all about enduring through challenge and adversity - and using mental skills deliberately and consistently to do so. Possessing the ability to do this within sport is an accomplishment; making the commitment to embody this within all areas of your life is extraordinary.


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Mental skills training for athletes and teams.


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Interactive and impactful learning experiences.